As Head of Promotion of Storehouse Magazine, the NUA SU’s official magazine, I co-led a team of five and I was in-charge of promoting the magazine with our focus being social-media. The magazine is released biannually with every Issue having a theme and contents include articles from Storehouse’s content team as well as student submissions specific to the theme.

As the Promotion team we begin with revealing the theme of the next Issue, opening,  promoting and closing submissions, keeping the social-media active, promoting any events and the release of the magazine. The theme for Issue 20 was set to ‘Reality & Illusion’.

We designed twenty 20’s to be posted after every other post, in order to keep the campaign active. The mixture of the 2’s and 0’s represents the clash of reality and illusion.

To encourage students to submit, we asked for comments on why to submit from students previously featured in Storehouse.

To keep our page active while the magazine was being designed, we asked students to design a twenty of their own and post it using the hashtag #storehouse20 for us to then repost it. We received great responses!    

We utilized having a film student as part of the promotion team by filming and sharing our process with our followers.

Posters and flyers were designed to promote the launch party of Issue 20 and an exhibition we were planning to showcase the twenty Issues of Storehouse. Unfortunately these were never used, as the events were cancelled due to the corona-virus.

It was decided by the team to cancel both events, and postpone the release of the magazine.

After statements of postponing the magazine were released, a majority of the team decided to go ahead with the release and place the magazine around the university’s campus, as teaching was cancelled but facilities were still open. As Head of Promotion I refused to promote the release of the magazine, as it would be unwise to encourage students to enter the university to pick up an Issue. I took it upon myself to write a statement of my own and urged people to help Issue 20 #remainunseen.